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The Getty Museum homes a great choice of historical painted vases. This quantity, the 5th within the Occasional Papers on Antiquities subseries on Greek vases, follows the path taken through previous volumes by way of introducing formerly unpublished information regarding the works. most significantly for students and scholars of vase-painting, those volumes supply extra entry to the works via huge illustrations, descriptions, and reconstructions

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Thirdly, there is an obvious benefit in not having timbers that split. Whatever the reason, the class of workmen called joiners, from the end of the fifteenth century, were encouraged to develop skills of artistry only previously known to masons and smiths. Panelling of ‘wainscot’ (quarter-sawn oak) became popular for interiors once timber conversion had become easier. This new-found delight encouraged changes such as allowing the wood members of bed-testers, posts and headboards to be exposed rather than hidden beneath cloth, and, more important, for ornament to be produced from the wood itself, rather than the painting or applied metal work.

20 Based on Moncrieff, A. and Weaver, G. (1992) Science for Conservators, Vol. 2: Cleaning, Routledge, Fig. 7, p. 6 Julie Arslano˘glu based on (1) Thomson, G. (1988) The Museum Environment, Butterworth-Heinemann, Fig. 59; (2) Mayer, R. (1991) The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques, 5th edn, Faber and Faber, p. 70; (3) Staniforth, S. (1985) Retouching and colour matching: the restorer and metamerism, Studies in Conservation, 30, 101-11, Fig. B. (1980) Light: Its Interaction with Art and Antiquities, Plenum Press, p.

Beds were often supplied with a separate head-rest, as headboards were unknown. 1 Golden throne, tomb of Tutankhamun (1336–1327 BC). The chair is almost completely covered with thick gold sheet. The seat, a flat board of wood covered in gold, is decorated with over 2000 squares of gold, calcite and faience. The chair back depicts the seated young pharaoh who is being anointed by his wife, Ankhesnamun. 2600–2500 BC). 1). On a more mundane level, stools remained popular, often designed with braced struts and a white paint finish.

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