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By Suzuki H.

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Cengage Learning reserves the right to remove additional content at any time if subsequent rights restrictions require it. 33, of the distribution. 33. Thus, usually we will have normally distributed scores. To determine the relative frequency of particular scores, we will identify the “slice” of the normal curve containing those scores. Then the proportion of the total area under the curve occupied by that slice will equal the relative frequency of those scores. ) Using the area under the curve is especially useful because in Chapter 5, you’ll see that statisticians have created a system for easily finding the area under any part of the curve.

Which sample in problem 21 shows the most consistent relationship? How do you know? 25. In the chart below, identify the characteristics of each variable. 23. What pattern do we see when the results of an experiment show a relationship? 24. Indicate whether a researcher would conduct an experiment or a correlational study when studying: (a) whether different amounts of caffeine consumed in 1 hour influence speed of completing a complex task; (b) the relationship between number of extracurricular activities and GPA; (c) the relationship between the number of pairs of sneakers owned and the person’s athleticism; (d) how attractive men rate a woman when she is wearing one of three different types of perfume; (e) the relationship between GPA and the ability to pay off school loans; (f) the influence of different amounts of beer consumed on a person’s mood.

1 Frequency Bar Graphs for Nominal and ta Ordinal Data The height of each ach bar indicates the frequency of the corresponding score on the X axis. Nominal Variable of Political Affiliation Party f Libertarian Socialist Democrat Republican 1 3 8 6 8 7 6 5 f 4 3 2 1 0 CREATING BAR GRAPHS We graph a frequency distribution of nominal or ordinal scores by creating a bar graph. A bar graph has a vertical bar centered over each X score and the height of the bar corresponds to the score’s frequency. Notably, adjacent bars do not touch.

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2-designs over GF(2^m) by Suzuki H.

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