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By James J. Clauss, Martine Cuypers

ISBN-10: 1405136790

ISBN-13: 9781405136792

Providing remarkable scope, A spouse to Hellenistic Literature in 30 newly commissioned essays explores the social and highbrow contexts of literature creation within the Hellenistic interval, and examines the connection among Hellenistic and previous literature. offers a panoramic serious exam of Hellenistic literature, together with the works of well-respected poets along lesser-known ancient, philosophical, and clinical prose of the interval Explores how the indigenous literatures of Hellenized lands stimulated Greek literature and the way Greek literature encouraged Jewish, close to japanese, Egyptian, and Roman literary works

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Alexander was not only leading a campaign against the Persians, he was also leading a return to the age of heroes (Plu. Alex. 15, Arr. An. 11–12; Erskine 2001: 227–30). Alexander’s journey across Asia to the river Indus can be portrayed as a drunken orgy of killing and destruction, yet quality reading material was a necessary accompaniment. Even in the furthest reaches of Asia Alexander did not forget his Greek literature, and he is reported to have dispatched an instruction to Harpalus to send him some books.

The Museum and the Library were complementary institutions, the former a community of scholars, the latter a collection of books. They can be viewed from two perspectives, both as part of the history of literature, scholarship, and science, and also within the context of the goals and ideology of the Ptolemaic monarchy and court. The first perspective would emphasize the names of those who worked there (Euclid, Callimachus, Eratosthenes), the range of disciplines (literature, medicine, mathematics, astronomy), and especially the innovative literary activity, whether that be the writing of poetry or the editing of classic texts such as those of Homer and the Athenian dramatists.

Substantially preserved (occasionally in Arabic translation) are works on mathematics, optics, astronomy, and mechanics by over a dozen authors, including key figures such as Euclid and Archimedes. As in the case of poets and philosophers, the biographical tradition often insists that these men were primarily motivated by intellectual challenges per se and regarded real-world applications with disdain; but although there are indeed important similarities in spirit between science and contemporary poetry, it is a fact that the mechanical treatises of Biton and Philo describe war machines and artillery – also the area where Archimedes proved his worth to Hiero of Syracuse – and that Apollonius of Citium, the author of the only extant medical treatise of the era, criticizes his predecessors precisely for their lack of hands-on experience.

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