Michael Allaby's A Dictionary of Earth Sciences PDF

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By Michael Allaby

ISBN-10: 0199211949

ISBN-13: 9780199211944

This dictionary of earth sciences has been revised and up to date and includes over 6000 entries, together with planetary technological know-how, distant sensing, information, and series stratigraphy, and gigantic updating in paleontology, mineralogy, and geophysics.

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Holes must be drilled and the anchor installed and grouted quickly, as soil around the hole may crumble and reduce the strength of the bond. ancient biomolecule Any molecule produced by an organism during its lifetime which persists post mortem. e. the type of organism or evolutionary relationships. The types of molecule studied include nucleic acids, lipids, proteins, and complex polysaccharides such as lignin. Ancient Cratered Terrain See martian terrain units. SiO2) group of *polymorphic minerals; the other members of this group are *kyanite and *sillimanite.

Andino-type margin See active margin. 25 Andosols A reference soil group in the classification used by the *FAO, comprising volcanic soils with a *vitric horizon at a depth of more than 30 cm or an *andic horizon within 25 cm of the surface. andradite Member of the *garnet group of *minerals, Ca3Fe2(SiO4)3; sp. gr. 5; *cubic; yellow, greenish, or brownish-red, to black; greasy to *vitreous *lustre; most *crystals dodecahedral; occurs widely in *metamorphic and *igneous rocks often as a result of *metasomatism, also in beach *sands and *alluvial *placers.

Four groups flourished in the late *Palaeozoic: the *Captorhinomorpha; the *Mesosauria; the *Pareiasauridae; and the *Procolophonia, which survived into the *Triassic. The only living representatives are the turtles (Chelonia). po sq analog data (analogue data) Data which are recorded continuously, as opposed to digital data which are recorded by discrete (digital) sampling. analogous structures Features with similar functions which have developed independently in unrelated taxonomic groups, in response to a similar way of life, or similar method of locomotion, or similar food source, etc.

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