Abraham Allegiant (Chronicles of the Nephilim, Book 4) by Brian Godawa PDF

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By Brian Godawa

ISBN-10: 0985930977

ISBN-13: 9780985930974

The Forefather and Patriarch You idea You Knew.

After the good Flood, the enormous king Nimrod builds the Tower of Babel and unites the realm in uprising opposed to the author.

But God has different plans. He motives the confusion of languages and disperses Nimrod's state upon the earth. He then chooses an easy nomad Abraham as subsequent within the line of the Seed of Promise.

But Nimrod isn't useless. He units out on a process revenge to discover Abraham and kill him as a way to thwart God’s plan perpetually.

Abraham is within the land of Canaan, a land that's full of the Nephilim giants of Genesis 6, and the Watchers rule as gods. And Sodom and Gomorrah is the flashpoint for the Watchers’ subsequent diabolical plan. The Seed of the Serpent vs. the Seed of Promise.

The conflict of the Seed is emerging.

Part of the Biblical delusion sequence Chronicles of the Nephilim

Abraham Allegiant is the fourth booklet of the Biblical myth sequence Chronicles of the Nephilim, an epic tale that starts off with Enoch and Noah and tells the Biblical storyline of the Genesis 6 Nephilim giants, hybrid offspring of the angelic Watchers mating with human girls.

In Abraham Allegiant, you’ll realize:

• the real id of the potent Hunter Nimrod from the Bible.
• The mythical Semiramis, Nimrod’s ravishingly appealing and cunningly ruthless queen.
• The interesting upward thrust and fall of the notorious Tower of Babel from Genesis.
• the center stirring romance among Abraham and Sarah.
• What fairly occurred to Sodom and Gomorrah.

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