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By Cornelius Stam

Covers Acts 15:36 via 28:31

Far greater than an encouraged storybook, Acts offers a transparent line of educating and explains why the achievement of prophecy was once interrupted a few nineteen centuries in the past to make method for the preaching of Jesus Christ in line with the revelation of the secret. thoroughly this ebook has been known as "the ebook between." so far as the constitution of the Scriptures is worried it suits completely among the 4 documents of our Lord's earthly ministry and the epistles of Paul.

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This heart-hunger for fruit in Israel is further emphasized in Luke 13, where the Lord uses the fig tree in one of His parables (Vers. 6-9). Here fruit is sought in vain for three years (evidently representing the three years of our Lord's earthly ministry). In this parable, however, we find that the cursing and cutting down of the fig tree was not to take place immediately, for through the intercession of "the dresser" of the vineyard the tree was to be let alone "this year also" and then, if still it bore no fruit, it was to be cut down.

To begin with, Paul represented the same God as the twelve, against whom Israel was now rebelling. He represented the same Christ, whom Israel was now rejecting. And "the salvation of God," which Israel had refused, was now to be "sent unto the Gentiles" (Acts 28:28; cf. 13:46; 18:6). Furthermore the apostles at Jerusalem soon recognized that because Israel was now refusing the risen, glorified Christ, God had chosen Paul to preach salvation to the Gentiles in spite of Israel, and in a solemn agreement their leaders gave to Paul and Barnabas the right hands of fellowship, agreeing to continue their labors with Israel while Paul went to the Gentiles (Gal.

39 The presence of saints at Lydda should not surprise us when we remember that Philip the evangelist had "preached in all the cities" from Azotus to Caesarea just previous to this (Acts 8:40). A glance at a map of Palestine will show that Lydda was on the main road between these two cities. But while there were perhaps many saints in this city, Aeneas occupies the central place in the story and reminds us of Israel's condition and need. The name Aeneas is said to mean praise, but Aeneas was a paralytic, lying helpless in his bed.

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