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By Elizabeth Hand

400 years after the 3rd Shining, Hobi, Reive, Tast'annin, and Nefertity organize for the prophesied cave in of Araboth, the domed city-state possibly keeping its electorate from the alleged horrors of the surface.

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Reich. You must be able to identify this terrifying figure. " Reich arose abruptly from the couch. "Your clues don't help. " "The Man With No Face does not fill you with fear because he's faceless. You know who he is. " "You're the peeper. You tell me. " "There's a limit to my ability, Mr. Reich. " "What do you mean, help? D. I could hire. " "You're neither thinking nor meaning that, Mr. Reich. You deliberately hired a 2nd Class Esper in order to protect yourself in such an emergency. Now you're paying the price of your caution.

The blonde sitting in his (lap)² is June, his wife. June's an editor-two. That's their son, Galen, talking to Ellery West. " Young Galen Chervil indignantly started to point out that he'd just been classed 2nd and hadn't needed to use words in over a year. Powell cut him off and below the girl's perceptive threshold explained the reason for the deliberate mistake. "Oh," said Galen. "Yep, brother and sister 3rds, that's us. And am I glad you're here. " "Oh, I don't know. " "Thank you. They look delicious, Mrs.

A great shadowed pit... empty except for one spectator. Silent. Staring. Looming. The Man With No Face. And this time his scream had sound. Ben Reich awoke. He lay quietly in the hydropatlhic bed while his heart shuddered and his eyes focused at random on in the room, simulating a calm he could not feel. The walls of green jade, the nightlight in the porcelain mandarin whose head nodded interminably if you touched him, the multi-clock that radiated the time of three planets and six satellites, the bed itself, a crystal pool flowing with carbonated glycerine at ninety-nine point nine Fahrenheit.

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