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By Eleanor Dickey

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27 This change is usually thought to 25. The word “scholia” now has different meanings when used by different groups of scholars. In recent works on Greek literary texts it means “commentary or notes written in the margins of a text,” as opposed to “hypomnema,” which refers to an ancient selfstanding commentary, and to “gloss,” which generally refers to a short definition found between the lines of a literary text (often the distinction is that a marginal comment is a scholion and an interlinear one is a gloss, though sometimes marginal notes consisting of short definitions are also called glosses, and the term can also be used for an entry in a lexicon).

The scholia to the Odyssey are much fewer and less well preserved than those to the Iliad. This distinction goes back to antiquity, when the Iliad was considered the superior work and so was read and copied much more often than the Odyssey. Nevertheless it is clear that the Alexandrians produced texts and commentaries on both poems, and that ancient scholars discussed the interpretation of the Odyssey as well as that of the Iliad. Thus equivalents of all three groups of Iliad scholia can be found for the Odyssey scholia: there are Alexandrian text-critical scholia, exegetical scholia of the bT type, and D scholia.

Eustathius’ commentaries have reached us in excellent condition. For the Iliad commentary we possess, in addition to numerous copies, the author’s own autograph manuscript. The identity of this manuscript (Codex Laurentianus Plut. 6 For the Odyssey commentary there is no equivalent of Van der Valk’s edition, and one must use Stallbaum’s text (1825–6 =TLG). Stallbaum also produced a text of the Iliad commentary (1827–30), but as he did not use the autograph manuscript at all, Van der Valk’s text is always superior.

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