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Remove the screw that secures the FireWire board to the metal standoff. 3. Disconnect the FireWire cable, the short 3-pin cable from the back of the FireWire board or logic board. 4. Gently lift up the FireWire board to remove it from the logic board connector. Take Apart Logic Board, Power Mac G4 (AGP/Gigabit Ethernet/Digital Audio) - 2 4 Logic Board, Power Mac G4 (AGP/Gigabit Ethernet/Digital Audio) Before you begin, open the side access panel and remove the following: • video card • processor module • PCI cards (if present) • modem (if present) • AirPort card (if present) Note: While the layout of the Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio) logic board differs from the logic board layout in the illustrations for this Take Apart Logic Board, Power Mac G4 (AGP/Gigabit Ethernet/Digital Audio) - 2 5 procedure, the steps for removing the logic board are the same.

Carefully spread the sides of the bottom shield out just enough so the modem clears the tabs, and starts to fall out of the bottom shield. 10. Carefully remove the modem from the bottom shield. Take Apart FireWire Board, Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics) - 2 2 FireWire Board, Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics) Note: The FireWire board is used only in Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics) computers. Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics/Gigabit Ethernet/ Digital Audio) computers have FireWire built into the logic board. Before you begin, do the following: • Open the side access panel.

Holding the processor by the edges, gently lift it straight up to disconnect it from the logic board. Caution: Be careful not to bend the pins underneath the module. Important: If you are only replacing the processor module, stop here. If, however, you are removing the processor module to replace the logic board, continue with the next page. Take Apart Processor Module, Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics) - 4 0 6. Remove the warranty sticker and jumper block only if you are replacing the logic board. White jumper: 400 MHz Blue jumper: 350 MHz Caution: When removing the jumper, be sure not to leave its inner metal clips on the old jumper connector.

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