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By Nikoletta Kanavou

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Aristophanes, the distinguished Greek comedian poet, is legendary for his performs on modern topics, during which he workouts fierce political satire. historical political comedy made considerable use of comically major right names - a lot as is the case in sleek satire. comedian names utilized by Aristophanes for his satirical ambitions (public figures, daily Athenians) give you the major topic of this publication, which addresses questions comparable to why specific names are selected (or invented), and the way they relate to the plays?? characters and subject matters.

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166 Cf. Coqc|mer Teihq\siai ‘Gorgons from the deme Teithras’ (Frogs 477). v. Dioleiakaf|mar), but this may have originated from the Aristophanic passage. kaf~m may mean ‘impostor’ or ‘boastful’, ‘pretentious’ (LSJ), all of which would seem appropriate for war supporters. Other interpretations include Sommerstein’s (1980: 187) that the name might refer to a Diomeian called Philoxenos (cf. Nu. 686 and V. 84) but this man was apparently accused of effeminacy (see Eup. fr. V. 82b). It would be tempting to assume that a form of the comedy club 40 1 Acharnians city Gela, which is similar in sound to cek\y ‘laugh’, and in its present comic form to jatacek\y ‘laugh at the expense of’, ‘mock’.

The fact that the Theoros of the plays appears to be involved in public functions does not necessarily suggest that these were military in nature; nor does his being a supporter of Kleon mean that he took an active part in the war. 2: 60. Also cf. qweh´yqor (And. 29), a term used for the leader of the Athenian delegation to a panhellenic festival. See Keck 1876: 68 f. ’ Koller 1958: 273. Cf. Pl. Phd. , Thgn. 805 – 8. For more on the function of heyqo¸ see Andrisano 1985/6: 73. Koller 1958: 285 – 6.

Dover 1972: 220 n. 14, who cites e. g. the story of Ares and Aphrodite in Od. 266 – 366. g. the works of Newiger, Rau, Taillardat, Harriott, Moulton. ). g. Murray, Couat, Croiset, De Ste. Croix. 67 Sometimes it may seem that the names themselves encourage a particular interpretation (e. g. the names Philokleon and Bdelykleon in Wasps appear to point to a political reading); but although names may indeed function as indicators of some of the interests of the plays, they should not be seen as comprehensive résumés.

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