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By Quintus Asconius Pedianus

ISBN-10: 0865162204

ISBN-13: 9780865162204

Scholars and students of Latin, background, and literature will locate this to be a good e-book that gives insights into the lives of Cicero and Asconius, in addition to a desirable examine Rome within the first century BCE. Commentaries through Asconius are integrated with the textual content and translation of those speeches by way of Cicero: In Pisonem, professional Scauro, seasoned Milone, seasoned Cornelio, and In Toga Candida. The booklet additionally positive aspects an essay at the lifestyles and works of Asconius, notes on assets, bibliography, catalog of Asconius' blunders, word list, and correct identify index.

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E N A R R A T I 0 CIRCA VER. A PRIM. 1] Cum enumerat iudicia quae pater Scauri expertus est: (21) Subiit etiam p op u li iudicium in q u iren te Cn. Domitio tribu n o plebis. PRO SCAVRO 33 the case could come to court (like his fa th e r ) ; 2 he might then begin robbing other provinces before he could be made to account fo r his earlier term of duty. Scaurus relied heavily on his fa th er’s reputation and on his own connection with Pompey: his son was the brother of Pompey’ s children, since he had himself married Pompey’ s ex-w ife (Mucia) Tertia, daughter of Scaevola.

Scaurus et accusavit et damnavit. POST TRES PARTES A PRIMO Quo loco defendit, quod tam magnificam domum Scaurus habet: [45] Praesertim cum p rop in qu ita s et celebritas loci suspicionem desidiae tollat aut cupiditatis. (27) Demonstrasse vobis memini me hanc domum in ea parte Palatii esse quae, cum ab Sacra via descenderis et per proximum vicum qui est a sinistra parte prodieris, posita est. Possidet earn nunc Largus Caecina qui consul fuit cum Claudio. In huius domus atrio fuerunt quattuor columnae marmoreae insigni magnitudine quae nunc esse PRO SCAVRO by agents of Marius, while Crassüs, preempted this fate by suicide.

VER. A NOV. *** [45] Haec cum tu effu g ere non potuisses, contendes tarnen et postulabis ut M. Aemilius cum sua dignitate omni, cum pa tris memoria, cum avi gloria, sordidissimae, vanissimae, levissimae g e n ti ac p rope dicam p ellitis testibus condonetur? Avum hunc Scauri maternum significat L. Metellum pontificem maximum, quem postea nominat quoque. Nam paternus avus proavusque Scauri humiles atque obscuri fuerunt. VER. A NOVIS. CLX [46] Vndique mihi suppeditat quod p ro M. Scauro dicam, quocumque non modo mens verum etiam ocu li inciderunt.

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