Bending of curved tubes by Hovgaard W. PDF

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By Hovgaard W.

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We may not feel we have a gender or that we want to choose a gender, and may define ourselves as nongendered or genderneutral. Those of us who consider ourselves genderless and also desire gender-neutral bodies may identify as neutrois. “I consider myself genderqueer because I feel uncomfortable with the gender binary, and I am unhappy when I feel pressured to conform to the binary gender role expectations of women or men. ” Trans Bodies, Trans Selves Seattle Forum (photo by Ish Ishmael). ” “Transgender, transsexual, transman, queer, FTM, femmy boi, androgynous, pangendered, tranny, transfabulous.

Com). ” Many of us fit into at least one of the “default” categories of our society; this gives us privilege in certain ways. Privilege refers to advantages conferred by society to certain groups, not seized by individuals. It can be difficult sometimes to see our own privilege, especially when we face discrimination because of our transgender status or other parts of our identity. Trans people reflect the diversity of our society and, in addition to our transgender status, we also have multiple identifications based on other factors, including our race, ethnicity, culture, class, age, immigrant status, disabilities, size, and numerous other characteristics.

Bisexual assumes there are only two genders, which is inaccurate. I am attracted to queers and fags of all genders, so ‘pansexual’ is how I identify. ” For some of us, our sexuality is very important to our self-identity and it interacts with our gender identity. Some trans women who identify as queer or lesbian refer to ourselves as trans dykes. Like many cisgender lesbians, we have reclaimed the derogatory term dyke and use it in positive ways. Some of us who are transmasculine identify as trans fags, and reclaim the word fag in the same way.

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Bending of curved tubes by Hovgaard W.

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