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By Nicole Loraux

One of many world's most famous classicists right here deals a desirable examine myths of origins and their function in old Greek civic ideology. via a chain of serious interpretations of Athenian myths, Nicole Loraux explores the that means of democracy in its first shape, which excluded from its merits ladies, slaves, and foreigners. Arguing that those tales have a lot to inform us in regards to the current and the human , her publication makes vital claims concerning the position of the previous in our figuring out of the current.

Loraux starts by way of discussing the Greek fascination with being born from the earth. Myths of autochthony, she asserts, shed very important mild on attitudes towards either foreigners and ladies in democratic states. She considers the function demarcated for girls via the Pandora fable, in line with which girls are artificially created out of earth and accordingly belong to a race aside. Her research additionally extends to modern concerns, concluding with where of the foreigner in democratic societies, historical and glossy.

Originally released in France in 1996, Born of the Earth has been fantastically translated into English by means of Selina Stewart.

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