New PDF release: Callimachus. Hymn to Apollo: A Commentary

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By Frederick Williams

Callimachus: Hymn to Apollo: A remark

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18 The paradigm case is that a person is permitted to kill a pursuer to save his own life or to save the life of a third party. This is ‘the law of pursuit’, although in itself it is not a war. Military action by a group or nation enters the picture as an action taken to aid the victim of aggression, although in this collective category the law of pursuit is not adequate as a model, and other considerations apply. Wars are either ‘Obligatory’ (compulsory), when they are to directly fulfil a specific biblical command, such as the obligation to destroy the tribes of Amalek in biblical times, or to save Israel from an aggressive nation’s current or imminent attack, or ‘Authorised’ when undertaken to increase the territory of Israel.

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