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By C. J. Cherryh

ISBN-10: 0749300507

ISBN-13: 9780749300500

The sequence is determined within the related Alliance-Union universe of Downbelow Station, yet in a zone of area within the wrong way from Earth because the Alliance and Union. it really is occupied by means of a couple of spacefaring civilizations certain via a suite of alternate treaties right into a so-called Compact. The Compact isn't a political association, and has no executive; it regulates purely the open alternate and accessibility of area stations to all civilizations, leaving them to unravel their conflicts and politics among themselves.

Human area borders kif and knnn territory, the main competitive and enigmatic species of the Compact respectively. First touch ensues whilst an formidable kif hakkikt (prince) captures a human exploration send. The final surviving group member, Tully, escapes whereas the kif send is docked at a station and lands up at the satisfaction of Chanur, a hani service provider vessel commanded by means of Pyanfar Chanur. This triggers the occasions of the 1st novel within the sequence and its three-part sequel.

The books are written as surprisingly sensible house opera, with less ship-to-ship capturing than coercion, manipulation, politics, delight contests, and clashing financial pursuits interspersed with species-to-species miscommunication and misunderstanding.

The reasonable dealing with of linguistic and mental limitations is likely one of the improved points of the books (especially in comparison to the style as a whole). the nature improvement is one other, that's additionally heavily attached to the inter-species family members. because the (usually involuntary) publicity of the characters to diversified cultures is going on, they're driven to probe alternative ways of thinking—and including consistent strain of either reasonably priced and fast risk that drives them to establishing new degrees of themselves. Even the "enemy" facet is readily introduced from the extent of incomprehensible faceless hazard into viewing them as a powerful but admirable opponent. The books are a metaphor of breaking psychological obstacles, discovering oneself in adversity, and becoming above petty pursuits in the direction of worldwide thoughts and greatness.

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Pyanfar--" "Captain," she said, folding her arms. His eyes burned. She stood her ground. "You're on the bridge. It's _captain_. " He visibly trembled. The sigh gusted through his nostrils like the breath of a furnace. And he turned back to the board. "Huh," she said, her worst anticipations overturned. "The stationmaster wants to talk to you," Haral said. " She sat down in her place at controls and stuck a com plug in her ear, leaned toward the board pickup and punched the blinking light. "This is Pyanfar Chanur.

She buzzed again, feeling a twinge of guilt that set her nerves on edge. " She buzzed a third time, beginning to think dire thoughts she had had half a score of times on this year-long voyage -- like suicide. Like getting no answer at all and opening the door and finding her husband had finally taken that option that she had feared for months he would. His death would solve things, repair her life; and his; and she knew that, and knew he knew it, in one great guilty thought that laid her ears flat against her skull.

Py, you don't understand what it feels like. " "Sure. Easy. I wasn't much. He still ignores me. " "Because _I_ say so. Because Kohan's too old and too smart to hold his breath till I give in. And by the gods the next time some whelp comes at him with challenge we'll tear the fellow's ears off. " "Good gods, Py! You can't do that to him--" "Keep him alive? You can lay money on it. Me. Rhean. Even his Faha wife. Not to mention his daughters. Maybe some son, who knows? " "Py. You remember the fable of the house and the stick?

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