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By Jill Mann

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This booklet is an try and observe the origins and importance of the overall Prologue-to the Canterbury stories. The curiosity of such an inquiry is many-sided. at the one hand, it throws mild at the query of even if `life' or 'literature' was once Chaucer's version during this paintings, at the courting among Chaucer's twenty-odd pilgrims and the constitution of medieval society, and at the function in their `estate' in identifying the weather of which Chaucer composes their images. nonetheless, it makes feedback concerning the ways that Chaucer convinces us of the distinctiveness of his pilgrims, in regards to the nature of his irony, and the type of ethical criteria implicit within the Prologue. This publication means that Chaucer is satirically substituting for the conventional ethical view of social constitution a imaginative and prescient of a global the place morality turns into as specialized to the person as his work-life.

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562) His lord wel koude he plesen subtilly, To yeve and lene hym of his owene good, And have a thank, and yet a cote and hood. (610-12) The same phrases are used to give the character of 'professional skills to yet other types of behaviour. Wel koude she carie a morsel and wel kepe That no drope ne fille upon hir brest. (130-1) In felaweshipe wel koude she laughe and carpe. Of remedies of love she knew per chaunce, For she koude of that art the olde daunce. (474-6) Those sleights-of-hand and verbal dexterities, those frauds and deceptions, those self-interested ambitions and habits of thought and speech which the practice of a profession permits or even encourages, can thus become linked with the concept of the estate.

45 A monk ought not to be out of the cloister, as afishought not to be out of water, unless the order of things is turned upside down for them. If there were a fish who, abandoning the sea-waves, sought to obtain its food on land - it's wrong to give it the name offish; I ought rather to give it the name of monster! I shall say as much to the monk who longs for the joys of the world and therefore leaves his cloister. He expresses the same idea, this time giving it the authority of 'Austyn', in the Mir our de I'Omme: Saint Augustin en sa lecoun Dist, tout ensi comme le piscoun En l'eaue vit tantsoulement, Tout autrecy Religioun Prendra sa conversacioun Solonc la reule du covent El cloistre tout obedient.

Fur covering on your back and bed . . In Gower's Mirour de I'Omme 'pellicouns' which ward off the cold are also part of the luxurious dress of monks. 21 One description of monastic dress in this poem comes very close to that of the Prologue Monk, and it is difficult not to see a direct link with the Monk's 'purfil' of 'grys', and his 'ful curious pyn.. for to festne his hood'. 21 THE ANTI-CLERICAL TRADITION nostre moigne au present jour Quiert en sa guise bell atour Au corps, et 1'alme desfigure: Combien q'il porte de dolour La frocque, il ad du vein honour La cote fourre de pellure.

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