CO2 laser that cuts sheet metal - download pdf or read online

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IENA-18-354-46. Determination of acetone in admixture with isopropyl ether, isopropyl alcohol, and low m w monoolefins by A at 280 nm after dilution in isooctane; £ = 9. 58 (for olefin = O. 09). 88. Bartunek, R . , TAPP-42-553-59. Estimation of "lignin number" from absorbance at max at 261 and 330-8 nm of 13% HNO3 extracts of various high-purity wood pulps. Absorption data are given for spruce, birch, western hemlock, chestnut, straw, sulfite, and sulfate pulps. 89. Bartz, K. , Lumpkin, H. E .

JOAC-34-572-51. Determination of methyltestosterone at 241 nm. 249. , JOAC-36-722-53. 1 N NaOH. 250. , Fallscheer, H. , JAPM-45-200-56. Identification and assay ofRauwolfia serpentina root and its preparations: After partition chromatography on Celite 545 and saponification, products are extracted into CHCl3. The trimethoxybenzoic acid liberated from reserpine is determined at 270 nm and the trimethoxycinnamic acid liberated from rescinnamine is determined at 300 nm. 251. Casinelli, J. , Sinsheimer, J.

A . , JAFC-3-1013-55. Determination of diazinon [O,O-diethyl-O-(6-methyl-2-isopropyl-4-pyrimidylphosphorothioate)] in milk: Freeze-dried milk is treated with medium-boiling petroleum ether and CH3CN. The diazinon is hydrolyzed to 6-methyl-2-isopropyl4-pyrimidinol. Extractions with ether and petroleum ether from strongly acidic and basic aq soln remove interferers. The pyrimidinol is finally isolated from weakly acidic soln by extraction with CHCl3 and determined at 272 nm. Recovery is 63-70%. 158.

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CO2 laser that cuts sheet metal

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