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By R. Nisbet Bain

This choice of literature makes an attempt to bring together the various vintage works that experience stood the try out of time and provide them at a discounted, reasonable expense, in an enticing quantity in order that every body can take pleasure in them.

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Partholon, who ' Rh$s, Cdt

Incidentally, too, he obtained, as a blood-fine for the murder of his father a t the hands of three grandsons of Ogma, the principal magic treasures of the world. " Thus, by the time the Fornorach had completed their seven years of preparation, the Tuatha DB Danann were also ready for battle. Goibniu, the god of Smithcraft, had forged them magic weapons, while Diancecht, the god of Medicine, had made a magic well whose water healed the mounded and brought the slain to life. But this well mas discovered by the spies of the Fomorach, and a party of them went to it secretly and filled i t with stones.

They were eighty-seven years upon the way, cheered all the while by the singing of the Three Birds of Rhiannon, whose music was so sweet that it would recall the dead to life, and by the agreeable couversation of Brkn's severed head. But at last they reached the end of their journey, and buried the head with its face turned towards France, watching that no foreign foe came to Britain. And here it reposed until Arthur disinterred it, scorning, in his pride of heart, to 'hold the island 44 1 THE MYTHICAL IIISTORY OF BRITAIN otherwise than by valour,' a rash act of which the Saxon conquest was the result.

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Cossack fairy tales and folk-tales. by R. Nisbet Bain

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