Dictionary of Superstitions and Mythology by Biren Bonnerjea PDF

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By Biren Bonnerjea

ISBN-10: 0810335727

ISBN-13: 9780810335721

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P. 22 ; MACDONNEL, Vedic Mythology, p. 165; Handbook to the Ethnographical Collections of the British Museum, 1910, p. 33, fig. ) cf. Burial, Horse, Sati. Camphor: Vide Adultery. Canace’s Mirror: It indicated by its lustre if the person, whom the inspector loved, was true or false. cf. Bahman’s Knife, Sophia’s Picture, Florimel’s Girdle, Ring Beytha’s Emerald. Candle: To have three candles burning at the same time in a room is unlucky. ) In Ireland, twelve candles are kept alight around a dead body because otherwise the devil may carry the soul away.

Cremation Grounds: In Hindu superstition these are said to be the favourite haunts of demons and witches. (TAWNEY, Kâtha-sarit-sâgara, Vol. I, p. ) Creon: Gr. Myth. Brother-in-law of OEdipus, who espoused the cause of Etiocles against Polynices. He condemned Antigone to be buried alive for having performed funeral rites over Polynices. Cricket: Crickets in a house presage good fortune. (England, Cf. STRACKERJAN, Vol. II, p. 112), but if they suddenly forsake the house, it is a sign of an approaching death or disaster.

J. WIEDEMANN, Aus dem inneren und äusseren Leben der Ehsten, p. 475). The blood of a virgin mixed with different molten metals helps to mix them thoroughly. (China, PITMAN, A Chinese Wonder Book, p. ) The same belief is prevalent among many other nations. , Vol. 1, p. ) If a young man cuts the little finger of his left hand, and secretly gives the blood flowing from this wound to his sweetheart to drink, she will be madly in love with him. (PLOSS, Das Weib, Vol. 1, p. 444, quoting v. ) Draw blood of a witch, and she cannot harm you (Lancashire).

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